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welcome to freeX

welcome to freeX   

New DHV 1 School glider now in the final stages of DHV testing. For more information go to DINGO page.

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Office Change

Due to expansion and the lack of space in our current location in Füssen, FreeX GmbH as of 01 July 05 will move to the following address:

freeX GmbH
Altjoch 19A
D-82431 Kochel a. See

Phone: (+49) 08851 929214
Fax: (+49) 08851 929260


New FreeX Jacket

Sizes S,M,L XL und XXL Black and Gray


FreeX GmbH will no longer carry out or sanction 2 year checks on gliders with Eulit lines.

Gliders produced before 2004 which used Eulit lines are subject to the following report.

Following a quality issue in 2000 with Eulit lines, FreeX Air sport GmbH started legal battles against Eulit, the producer of lines.
Later, Eulit decided to close down the department which specialised in paragliding lines swearing they want nothing more to do with the paragliding industry. After a long in depth meeting with their spokes person Mr Staude, (09.02.2005) he confirmed that the lines supplied during the quality issue, where within specifications and had no quality defects. Due to the manor in which events took place, their company made the decision internally to cease trading within the paragliding market. Mr Staude continued with the fact that Eulit as a company still trade in their main market place with great success and to very high standards. On one side he sympathises with pilots who are affected by their decision to cease trading within the paragliding scene, however he confirms the fact that no more paragliding lines would be produced under the name Eulit.

Where does this leave owners of gliders with Eulit lines?

In Germany and Austria it is required by the governing body that all gliders must have an air worthy check every 2 years. Part of the check is to replace a set amount of lines, breaking the old ones to test the ageing and breaking strain. The replacement of lines must be the same type that the glider was initially tested with and if any other is used would place the glider outside the cover of guarantee or indeed insurance from the DHV. If alternative lines are used then ALL lines must be replaced with the same manufacturer and line type. (See sub 1). (Absolutely no mixing of lines from different manufacturers).
Sub 1 If a complete line change is made with other lines, the glider would require a separate load test with DHV to remain within the parameters of certification. This will not be the responsibility of FreeX GmbH, but would remain the responsibility of the person / organisation who carries out the line exchange.

Gliders not effected.
Moon (Betech line)
Gemini (Betech line)
Blade (Betech line)
Joker (Betech line)
All gliders from 2004.

Guarantee from FreeX Air Sports GmbH.

Unfortunately, FreeX Air Sports GmbH went into liquidation at the end of 2003, which means that guarantees can no longer be honoured. In May 2004 the name FreeX was taken over and became FreeX GmbH. This company is a completely new set-up with a totally different direction and team, however on the morel side we will do our up most to help out as much as possible. At the end of the day we want to ensure safety above all, therefore we have the following solutions:

FreeX take no responsibility for FreeX Air Sports gliders with Eulit lines, we cannot carry out checks on gliders with Eulit lines. We will however offer a trade in of your old FreeX Air Sports glider under the following conditions:

1. Your glider must be currently certified. (Currently in use).
2. The trade can only be made over a paragliding school / Dealer.
3. Proof of ownership must be supplied when trading in
4. Each trade in will be validated independently.
5. The School / Dealer has the right to accept or deny the trade in subject to validation.
6. New gliders cannot be sold on for a minimum of 3 months after trade in.
7. All traded in gliders must be sent direct to us from the School / Dealer for disposal.
8. This offer is valid throughout this year and ends 31 December 2005 unconditional.

For further information please call our main office.


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